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How much more damage can Obama do?

The ‘Chickenshitgate’ Fallout for America, Israel, and the Middle East

October 29, 2014 12:16 pm 38 comments
President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House. Photo: Screenshot. – Naftali Bennett, Israel’s economy minister, got it 100 percent right in a Facebook posting just a few hours after the latest blow to American-Israeli relations—aka “chickenshitgate”—surfaced in the media.
Responding to the anonymous “senior Obama administration” official who told The Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a “chickenshit,” Bennett said, “Cursing the prime minister and calling him names is an insult not just to him but to the millions of Israeli citizens and Jews across the globe. The leader of Syria who slaughtered 150,000 people was not awarded the name ‘chickenshit.’ Neither was the leader of Saudi Arabia who stones women and homosexuals or the leader of Iran who murders freedom protestors.”
I would have also added Qatar into the mix, as that terror-financing, slave-owning Gulf emirate is also fawned over by the Obama administration, but Bennett’s point stands nonetheless. Our officials in Washington come across as a vindictive and petty bunch, accusing an ally of cowardice while hiding behind anonymity, and guilty of hypocrisy in its rankest form.
“Chickenshit?” That’s rich, coming from an administration whose fear of Vladimir Putin is the subject of derisory mirth in the Kremlin, and whose cravenness towards Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Damascus has directly resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent Syrians. Blissfully dismissive of their own failings, they round on Netanyahu, a man who served with distinction in his country’s elite Sayeret Matkal army unit, by calling him, of all things, a coward!
And that’s not the only epithet. As Goldberg pointed out, “Over the years, Obama administration officials have described Netanyahu to me as recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and ‘Aspergery.’” (For those unclear as to what that last term means, it’s a pejorative description for people with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, and it’s as nasty as calling someone a “retard.” Remember that next time you hear another kumbaya, “let’s heal” speech from Obama.) You have to think that sooner or later, the administration will join the chorus of confirmed Israel-haters by labeling Netanyahu as a “baby killer” and a “war criminal.”
Sure, the Obama officials will say that the Israelis started it, by citing the injudicious comments about Secretary of State John Kerry uttered in private by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. But Ya’alon was man enough to apologize for what he said, and that still didn’t stop the administration from pursuing a private vendetta against him, blocking him from meeting with key officials like Vice President Joe Biden during his recent visit to Washington. And while the Israelis wish they could turn back the clock on Ya’alon’s advice to Kerry to “take his Nobel Prize and leave us alone,” Obama’s appointees see nothing wrong with insulting Netanyahu in such a grotesque manner because, you see, they are Right with a rolling, upper case “R,” and therefore anything goes.
I’ve argued many times in this column that, as far as Israel is concerned, the Obama administration is a lost cause. The only question now is how much damage they will do before Obama departs the White House—a day that can’t come soon enough, frankly.
The immediate danger lies on two fronts. Firstly, the Palestinians. Any doubts that the Obama administration believes that Israel is responsible for the stalemate with the Palestinians will have been dispelled by Goldberg’s revelations. As far as Obama, Kerry, and company are concerned, the primary problem is Israel’s insistence in building new housing units in its undivided capital, Jerusalem. Their impatience could reach the point where the U.S. no longer backs Israel at the United Nations, thereby allowing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s crusade for unilateral recognition to reach fruition. In the event of such an outcome, Israel could find itself worryingly isolated, as the European governments are anxiously awaiting a signal from the Americans that it’s okay to abandon the Jewish state. If so, we will then be confronted with the edifying spectacle of the world’s democracies aligning themselves with tyrannies from Venezuela to Iran in singling out Israel for opprobrium.
Secondly, the Iranians. The deadline for a final deal over the mullah’s nuclear ambitions—November 24—is upon us. Perhaps Obama thinks that cursing Netanyahu will persuade Iran’s Supreme Leader, the brutal Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to accept a deal. Judging by the breathlessly excited manner with which the regime’s English-language outlet, the Holocaust-denying Press TV, greeted chickenshitgate, the president might be onto something.
But what benefits will a historic accord with the Iranians bring us? Very few, whereas the costs will be enormous.
For a start, this isn’t just about Israel. We will alienate the conservative Arab states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, all of them already angry and frustrated with Obama’s kowtowing to Tehran. We will permit an Islamist state to become a nuclear power, at the same time that it backs terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah with money and weapons. We will lose our leverage over the Iranians, in the form of biting sanctions, with few resource at our disposal to compel them to cooperate with international nuclear inspectors when they start—as they inevitably will—obstructing them at every turn. And we risk, again, the prospect of an Israeli pre-emptive strike, because whatever else Netanyahu might be, he’s no chickenshit.
Umpteen immediate questions remain, among them: Will Obama apologize for the chickenshit remark? Will he publicly name and discipline the officials who showered Netanyahu with insults? What will he do if the Iranians decline to make a deal?
But the biggest question of all is a long-term one. What will the strategic map of the Middle East look like once Obama is done? That’s what should be occupying the minds of Israel’s leaders, who are painfully aware that Obama’s peace efforts can only lead to more conflict and strife.
Ben Cohen is the Shillman Analyst for and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Haaretz, and other publications. His book, “Some Of My Best Friends: A Journey Through Twenty-First Century Antisemitism” (Edition Critic, 2014), is now available through Amazon.

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Only 16% israelis trust Obama but some idiot American Jews still so

Only 16% israelis trust Obama but some idiot American Jews still so

 Just read this ridiculous email from a guy named Steve Sheffey, an Obama lackey evidently, arguing Obama is really good for Israel and that all the other presidents have been bad too. Pathetic. New Poll today: Only 16% of Israeli public believe US president's administration is more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian. Guess those still hanging on to Obama as pro Israel are smarter than 84% of Israelis. Most still won't admit Obama is a pro jihadist, except the world's greatest terrorism expert, steve emerson. But the truth finds its way to the light.
Obama is pro Jihad: 32 examples
Obama actively aids massive spread of Islamic jihad under his watch-see details below
NEWEST: Obama covering up domestic jihad murder again.
Flourishing of Jihad 2009 until now under Obama, much with his direct aid. You decide whether its purposeful on his part, or incompetence, or horrible consequences of wrongheaded world view.
1..Libya: he helped push out Quaddafi, and now Libya in hands of various jihad groups. Egypt is very worried about them.
2.Iraq: pulled out after war was won opening way for ISIS
3.Syria: drew red lines and then ignored them when breached and now Isis controls half
4.Hamas: secret talks with this terrorist group while they toss missiles daily at Israel for 6 months and continued to fund PA even after the have unity government with Hamas. Secret talks with them.
5. Iran: weakened sanctions consistently and now extends talks while they move forward tried to overthrow Mubarak and support Moslem Brotherhood, gave them 1.5 billion and sophisticated weapons
6. Turkey Obama’s favorite foreign leader calls Israelis Nazis It is also no surprise that Obama would name this vicious Jew-hater as his closest friend among world leaders. “Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler,” Times of Israel, July 19, 2014
7. He backed Morsi in Egypt, head of Moslem Brotherhood who said Jews are descended from pigs, gave them 1.5 billion and f16s. Egypt Charges Obama and Hillary with Conspiring with Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood, who took power in Egypt following the Arab Spring, were recently ousted by the Egyptian military and declared a terrorist organization. Even still, they have been embraced by President Obama, invited into his administration, placed on a “hands off” list protecting them, and are even setting up their own official political party here in the United States.Unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood ultimately seeks to implement Sharia law, and to convert or kill every Christian and Jew that doesn’t share their faith. Top of Form

Bottom of Form

It should be remembered that while the Muslim Brotherhood was in charge in Egypt, Obama showered them with praise and provided billions of dollars in aid, arms, tanks and planes. Egypt hasn’t forgotten the support offered to the Muslim Brotherhood by Obama, and has now charged Obama and Hillary Clinton for conspiring and collaborating with them and their terrorist activities

9. Opens southern borders, allowing terrorists cross into US easily…/southern-border-our-welcome…
11. Lost whereabouts of 6000 “students” of foreign nationality who never showed up for class
12. The unilateral release of five senior Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy is still fighting us.
14. Does this bother anyone else? Obama had a meeting with an "interesting" cleric -- on the anniversary of 9-11 no less.…/connect-dots-obama-met-cleric-supp…/
15. His administration hired senior terrorists to work for US government. One example…/sleeping-w-the-enemy-obam…/
16. Had Bagdadai, Isis leader in custody in 2009 but released him
17. Severely limits FBI ability to monitor Islamic extremists in USA…/NSA-SNOOPING-OFF-LIMITS-082…
18. They've lifted all restrictions on Muslim Brotherhood visits to the United States and now restricting entry of Israelis to US…/us-state-dept-denying-israelis…
19. He and Hillary lied and lied about 9-11 Al-Qaida attack in benghazzi being caused by Youtube video, to continue their lying narrative that al-Qaida was vanquished to try and assist his 2012 election,
20. Fort Hood shooter business card says “soldier of Allah” and he shouts alla akbar before he kills 13 fellow soldiers, Obama calls it ‘workplace violence”.
21. Obama demands scrubbing word jihad from documents on terror and demands CIA Director scrub word Islamist before the word “terrorists” from Benghazi talking points
22. Fight vs Isis: Steve Emerson: “our allies that the administration praises – Turkey and Qatar – are sabotaging our campaign against ISIS while the President has basically angered good allies lie Egypt, which really could be participating in a very meaningful way because it is significantly and ideologically against the Muslim Brotherhood which [ISIS] has in its origins.."
23. Refuses to acknowledge obvious Islamic link to terror…/report-barack-obamas-outraged-…

26. Massively increasing Islamic immigration to USA…/us-canada-will-have-largest-in…/

27.…/… US considers new, softened nuclear offer to IranIsrael fumes at compromise which would allow Tehran to keep half of its centrifuges in exchange for various checks and balances


29.…/fort-hood-shooter-sends-lette…/%20… and Obama calls it workplace violence, not jihad

30. How many have gotten across…/are-isis-terrorists-sneaking-u…



I assume you don't think you are as expert on terrorism as Emerson.

Terrorism expert summarizes this: “Steve Emerson Terrorism expert

“we have an administration that's in bed with these radical Islamic groups who pretend to be moderate or civil rights groups that have basically curtailed the ability of the FBI, ICE agents, to monitor, do investigations, or even prosecutors. Prosecutors now have to petition the Department of Justice to use the word "jihad" in indictments. This shows you the extent to which this administration has neutered the whole campaign to stop jihadism and basically interfere, Monica, with the ability of FBI agents to do their job...,the FBI, city and state law enforcement and now the border patrol with essentially an open border with god knows what kind of terrorists and Islamists are coming over the southern border, how they have really been hamstrung by regulations and political correctness restricting their ability to monitor the Islamic communities and the border...this administration has essentially embraced and legitimized the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the godfather and parent of all Sunni terrorist groups, including Hamas, including Islamic Jihad, and Al Qaeda. And for the administration to make a distinction between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is simply murderous. And that's what they've done. “

1.Obama by far, most anti Israel US president ever and only pro jihadist…

1. demonstrated in the recent Gaza conflict

A. His FAA blocked flights to Israel

B. Denying visas to Israelis

C .Holds up armaments so Israel can defend itself

D. Tried to cut Iron dome funding but Congress overruled. 8. Iron Dome vs Terrorist funding Follow the money: each round of Iron Dome funding, Obama has tried to cut substantially. Congress overruled him.…/house-restores-funding-for-israeli…/ His response? $47 more for Hamas to rebuild, $500 million for Syrian rebels (which will go straight to Isis, $11 billion arms deal with Qatar

E. Tried to get Hamas biggest boosters Qatar to get agreement allowing Hamas total freedom to rebuild misslies

2.. His administration continually leaked classified documents that endanger our soldiers and especially our ally Israel
3. Openly stated he wants to bring daylight between Israel and
4. He has stalled and delayed and appeased Iran as they march forward to develop nuclear weapons and daily say they want to wipe out Israel
5. He has tried to bully, threaten, intimidated and repeatedly turned his back on Israel ( 49 borders, no building in Jerusalem) and had the word Jerusalem removed from the DNC platform as well as Hamas as terror, and Palestinians no right of return,. He realized that Jerusalem's omission was an error and lied and said he did not know, and when he instructed them to put it back, they did, but over a majority loud chorus of boos from the delegates. DNC convention has featured a large Muslim extremist sub convention.
6. Hamas: secret talks with this terrorist group while they toss missiles daily at Israel for 6 months and continued to fund PA even after the have unity government with Hamas
Iran: weakened sanctions consistently and now extends talks while they move forward
7. Long record before he entered high electoral politics in 2004, especially his associations with radical anti-Zionists
8. Obama’s favorite foreign leader calls Israelis Nazis Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler It is no surprise, with this violent, hateful rhetoric, that there are violent protests against Israel in Turkey. It is also no surprise that Obama would name this vicious Jew-hater as his closest friend among world leaders. “Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler,” Times of Israel, July 19, 2014
9. Uses IRS to harass pro Israel groups
10. Surrounds Israel with Jihadists: Lebanon. While we took the pedal off Iran sanctions and did nothing to slow Syria, Iran pours hundred thousand long range rockets in Hezbollah controlled Lebanon. Appeases Iran and will make concessions very dangerous to Israel, pathetic, late bombing campaigning vs Isis, (uses term Isis to denigrate Israel, including in L levant), tried to get Muslim Brotherhood to control Egypt, refused to help iran rebels when had the chance, pulls out of Iraq allowing for isis growth etc.

11. Denigrates Israel constantly








12. Democratic party moves towards jihadist corner





Not surprised there are those still pathetically defending Obama's Israel record. There have always been those whose religion is liberalism no truth can sway them.

Obama, Not Bibi, Created U.S.-Israel Crisis

Obama, Not Bibi, Created U.S.-Israel Crisis

Since Barack Obama became president, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg has been a reliable indicator of administration opinion about foreign-policy issues. Like some other journalists who can be counted on to support the president, he has been the recipient of some juicy leaks, especially when the White House wants to trash Israel’s government. But Goldberg and his “senior administration sources” reached a new low today when he published a piece in which those anonymous figures labeled Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a “chickenshit” and a “coward.” The remarks are clearly not so much a warning to the Israelis to stop complaining about the U.S. push for appeasement of a nuclear Iran and the administration’s clueless approach to the conflict with the Palestinians. Rather the story is, as Goldberg rightly characterizes it, a genuine crisis in the relationship. That much is plain but where Goldberg and the talkative administration members are wrong is their belief that this is all Netanyahu’s fault. Their attacks on him are not only plainly false but are motivated by a desire to find an excuse that will be used to justify a drastic turn in U.S. foreign policy against Israel.

The administration critique of Netanyahu as a coward stems from its disgust with his failure to make peace with the Palestinians as well as their impatience with his criticisms of their zeal for a deal with Iran even if it means allowing the Islamist regime to become a threshold nuclear power. But this is about more than policy. The prickly Netanyahu is well known to be a tough guy to like personally even if you are one of his allies. But President Obama and his foreign-policy team aren’t just annoyed by the prime minister. They’ve come to view him as public enemy No. 1, using language about him and giving assessments of his policies that are far harsher than they have ever used against even avowed enemies of the United States, let alone one of its closest allies.
So rather than merely chide him for caution they call him a coward and taunt him for being reluctant to make war on Hamas and even to launch a strike on Iran. They don’t merely castigate him as a small-time politician without vision; they accuse him of putting his political survival above the interests of his nation.
It’s quite an indictment but once you get beyond the personal dislike of the individual on the part of the president, Secretary of State Kerry, and any other “senior officials” that speak without attribution on the subject of Israel’s prime minister, all you have is a thin veil of invective covering up six years of Obama administration failures in the Middle East that have the region more dangerous for both Israel and the United States. For all of his personal failings, it is not Netanyahu—a man who actually served as a combat soldier under fire in his country’s most elite commando unit—who is a coward or a small-minded failure. It is Obama and Kerry who have fecklessly sabotaged a special relationship, an act whose consequences have already led to disaster and bloodshed and may yet bring worse in their final two years of power.
It was, after all, Obama (and in the last two years, Kerry) who has spent his time in office picking pointless fights with Israel over issues like settlements and Jerusalem. They were pointless not because there aren’t genuine disagreements between the two countries on the ideal terms for peace. But rather because the Palestinians have never, despite the administration’s best efforts to tilt the diplomatic playing field in their favor, seized the chance for peace. No matter how much Obama praises Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and slights Netanyahu, the former has never been willing to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish state no matter where its borders would be drawn. They also chose to launch a peace process in spite of the fact that the Palestinians remain divided between Abbas’s Fatah and Hamas-ruled Gaza, a situation that makes it impossible for the PA to make peace even if it wanted to do so. The result of their heedless push for negotiations that were bound to fail was another round of violence this summer and the possibility of another terrorist intifada in the West Bank.
On Iran, it has not been Netanyahu’s bluffing about a strike that is the problem but Obama’s policies. Despite good rhetoric about stopping Tehran’s push for a nuke, the president has pursued a policy of appeasement that caused it to discard its significant military and economic leverage and accept a weak interim deal that began the process of unraveling the international sanctions that represented the best chance for a solution without the use of force.
Even faithful Obama supporter Goldberg understands that it would be madness for Israel to withdraw from more territory and replicate the Gaza terror experiment in the West Bank. He also worries that the administration is making a “weak” Iran deal even though he may be the only person on the planet who actually thinks Obama would use force to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon.
So why is the administration so angry with Netanyahu? It can’t be because Netanyahu is preventing peace with the Palestinians. After the failure of Kerry’s fool’s errand negotiations and the Hamas missile war on Israel, not even Obama can think peace is at hand. Nor does he really think Netanyahu can stop him from appeasing Iran if Tehran is willing to sign even a weak deal.
The real reason to target Netanyahu is that it is easier to scapegoat the Israelis than to own up to the administration’s mistakes. Rather than usher in a new era of good feelings with the Arab world in keeping with his 2009 Cairo speech, Obama has been the author of policies that have left an already messy Middle East far more dangerous. Rather than ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his decision to withdraw U.S. troops and to dither over the crisis in Syria led to more conflict and the rise of ISIS. Instead of ending the Iranian nuclear threat, Obama is on the road to enabling it. And rather than manage an Israeli-Palestinian standoff that no serious person thought was on the verge of resolution, Obama made things worse with his and Kerry’s hubristic initiatives and constant bickering with Israel.
Despite the administration’s insults, it is not Netanyahu who is weak. He has shown great courage and good judgment in defending his country’s interests even as Obama has encouraged the Palestinians to believe they can hold out for even more unrealistic terms while denying Israel the ammunition it needed to fight Hamas terrorists. While we don’t know whether, as Goldberg believes, it is too late for Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, it is Obama that Iran considers weak as it plays U.S. negotiators for suckers in the firm belief that the U.S. is a paper tiger that is not to be feared any longer.
If there is a crisis, it is one that was created by Obama’s failures and inability to grasp that his ideological prejudices were out of touch with Middle East realities.
The next two years may well see, as Goldberg ominously predicts, even more actions by the administration to downgrade the alliance with Israel. But the blame for this will belong to a president who has never been comfortable with Israel and who has, at every conceivable opportunity, sought conflict with it even though doing so did not advance U.S. interests or the cause of peace. No insult directed at Netanyahu, no matter how crude or pointless, can cover up the president’s record of failure.

Obama hates israel, embraces terrorists

Posted: 29 Oct 2014 01:54 PM PDT
(Scott Johnson)
The twisted mentality of the Obama administration is prominently on display in Jeffrey Goldberg’s summary of his conversations with senior officials posted here. Anonymously describing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as “chickenshit,” one senior official serves up a pure case of projection, and another senior administration official seconds him (or her). It is as if Obama himself had dismissed someone as “arrogant,” or Joe Biden disparaged anyone as “stupid,” or John Kerry insulted someone as “haughty,” though in this case the official is projecting on behalf of the administration as a whole.
The whole thing is almost — almost — unbelievable. If you’ve been awake and alert, however, it makes sick sense. It figures. “Fair is foul, and foul is fair:/Hover through the fog and filthy air.”
On the substance of the issues, Danielle Pletka speaks for me in her comments on Goldberg’s column. She renders this stinging judgment:
Let’s get this straight: Bibi et al, who have what most would agree is a legitimate and existential fear of an Iranian nuclear weapon, are “good” because they’re, er “chickenshit” about launching a strike on Iran; oh, and Bibi is also labeled a “coward” for having been “chickenshit” in that regard. But he’s “bad” because he won’t cave to a Palestinian Authority and Hamas so riven by terrorism, corruption and incompetence that they won’t “accommodate” with each other.
How can we read this as anything other than an appalling display of hypocrisy, hostility to Israel and warmth toward the very powers that have killed almost as many Americans (Iran, Hamas, et al) as al Qaeda? Did team Obama label Ahmadinejad as “chickenshit”? Have they labeled the Qataris, who arm and fund ISIS at the same time that they buy US weapons as “chickenshit”?
I’m sure that in defense of Obama, many will say that they expect more of the Israelis than they do of the Gulf or Turkey or NATO or … anyone. The question is, why? Coming back to the fons et origo of this whole relationship disaster, let us recall that it was Obama who ashcanned the George W. Bush commitment to Israel to oppose the return to 1967 lines; Obama who prayed at the altar of Jew-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright; Obama who absorbed the scholarship of Israel-hating Rashid Khalidi; Obama, whose own settlement policy has been more extreme than that of the Palestinian Authority.
But let’s forget about Obama’s own ideological dislike of the State of Israel and its leaders, whoever they may be. Set aside the fact that it is not Bibi who is acting like a selfish political actor, but Barack Obama and the personal sycophants around him who are more interested in the whims and fortunes of the American Narcissus. Let us instead focus on the fact that an unnamed “senior American official” is waxing triumphant over the fact that it is now “too late” for Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons complex. This is good news? The fact that American officials believe it is more advantageous to have a nuclear Iran than to have someone in power in Israel who will not kowtow to the US president says something about the fundamental rot at the core of the Obama administration, its contempt for the national security of the American people – who are at terrible risk from an Iranian nuclear bomb – and the vileness of the cowards and chickenshit officials who people the fiefdom of Barack Obama.

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Democrats show true animus towrds israel

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Disgusting Democrats prove their animus for Israel

Disgusting Democrats prove their animus for Israel

Richard Baehr
So the Administration tells Jeffrey Goldberg ,its favorite Jewish sieve (serving a function without a brain), that Bibi Netanyahu is  a chicken shit. They know how to keep it classy in this White House. I hope you two time Obama voters are proud today of your votes. I think one Democratic shill who gets these emails argued for years that Obama was the best President ever for Israel's security. And the Cubs have been the best team in the National League for 106 years. .This Administration has shown where it is headed with Israel- the insults of Bibi,  the courtship of Iran,  forbidding US planes to fly into Ben Gurion during a war, and cutting off the supply of weapons available to Israel to fight the war.

The Prime Minister of Israel, a man with more class in his finger nail than the entire White House team have in their collective bodies, responds this way:

Bob Dold, running for the 10th district seat in the heavily Jewish district in Illinois,  also took time to respond to the Administration's depravity this way:

October 29, 2014
Dold Fires Back After Senior Administration Official Calls
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "Chickens##t"
Libertyville, IL -- In response to Jeffery Goldberg's article yesterday in The Atlantic, quoting a senior Administration official referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "chickens##t", Bob Dold (R-10) issued the following statement blasting the official's reprehensible language and calling for swift action from the White House to address the matter:
"I am appalled and outraged that a senior Administration official would think it is acceptable to refer to elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in such a degrading manner, as was revealed in an article yesterday in The Atlantic.  To call Israel's Prime Minister 'a chicken####', 'aspergery' and a 'coward' is reprehensible and deserves immediate condemnation from all who support Israel and fight for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. 
"There is no room for this delegitimization of Israel's leader from American officials and I expect swift action and transparency from the Administration on who is behind this - a clear message must be sent that this behavior will not be tolerated."
Netanyahu, like his brother who died at Entebbe, served with distinction in his country's armed forces. Obama? He did a lot of drugs at that age , according to his " autobiography" (ghostwritten of course by Bill Ayers, as laid out quite convincingly by Jack Cashill) , and then some community organizing, before he made it to the big-time without a clue. 

As for the current Congressman, Democrat Brad Schneider, who styles himself a great supporter of israel, so far we have silence. This is a pattern. Schnieder, like other embattled Democratic incumbents this year, almost never utters a word in opposition to the President of their Party or votes other than as Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid directs them. 

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Supreme Court and Jerusalem

King Davis establish Jerusalem as capital of Israel in 995 BCE, 1700 years before Islam, and 3000 years before anyone heard of phony Arab Palestinians. Jerusalem is mentioned 687 times in tanach, NEVER in Quran. Shamefully Israel is ONLY nation in the world US will not recognize declaration of its capital. Our embassy is in Tel Aviv, not Jerusaleme. Here is SCOTUS case about it.
Young Jewish boy will soon take center stage at the Supreme Court 

Menachem Binyamin Zivotofsky is a 12-year-old boy who has been at the forefront of what could become an international incident. 12 years ago, he was born in Jerusalem and his parents want his birthplace to be officially listed as “Israel” on his passport. U.S. policy since 1948 has been that Jerusalem is a city. Congress passed a law in 2002 stating that citizens born in Jerusalem "the Secretary shall upon request record the place of birth as Israel." However at the time President Bush signed it, included a signing statement opposing that provision, calling it unconstitutional. Zivotofsky’s case has created a tug of war between Obama and Congress. The question becomes who is responsible for recognizing foreign countries. These minor cases can lead to uproar in the Middle East; this issue has been unresolved for 238 years. As with all cases, someone must lose, that most likely will be young Zivotofsky.
Government officials claim this battle could "provoke uproar throughout the Arab and Muslim world." The State Department’s Foreign Affairs manual states

For a person born in Jerusalem, write JERUSALEM as the place of birth in the passport," "Do not write Israel, Jordan or West Bank for a person born within the current municipal borders of Jerusalem."
This case was previously brought to the Supreme Court and ruled that “it was not a political question best left to the other two branches to fight out.” Now it has returned. Zivotofsky’s ordeal began back in December 2002 when Zivotofsky’s mother applied for a passport and "consular report of birth abroad" for young Menachem. They first attempted to use “Jerusalem, Israel” but was shot down immediately. The courts originally ruled that the family lacked standin to challenge the policy.
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled against them. "The status of the city of Jerusalem is one of the most contentious issues in recorded history," the court said. "For more than two millennia, the city has been won and lost by a host of sovereigns. The controversy continues today as the state of Israel and the Palestinian people both claim sovereignty over the city."
In their brief, the Department of Justice claimed that Jerusalem is a sensitive “flash point” in the Middle East conflict and that changing the passport would “critically compromise the ability of the United States to work with their Middle East allies and enemies to further the peace process. Harry Reid encouraged his fellow Senators to support the law.

The law does not alter the position of the United States on the status of Jerusalem," "Rather, it continues Congress's century-and-a-half-old exercise of legislative authority over the contents and design of identification documents, such as passports, held by U.S. citizens."
The Supreme Court began their latest session began October 5th focusing on cases involving First Amendment rights in the digital age and religious freedom behind bars

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Obama admin calls it car accident

Hamas Strikes in French Hill

Three-month-old baby killed in hit-and-run terror attack

Update: Baby girl was a U.S.

Isis does not = halutzim

Dutch Mayor Compares Muslims Joining ISIS to Post WWII Jews

by Abigail R. Esman  •  Oct 23, 2014 at 10:20 am
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Lured by local mosques and the Internet, by visions of warriors and victory dancing in their heads, thousands of European Muslims have left the safety of their homes in England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere to join the Syrian jihad. Concern about the security threat they may pose on their return has gripped European leaders for some time; now, they are starting to focus on ways of stopping Muslim would-be jihadists from traveling to Syria at all.
But not everyone seems to think it's such a good idea: Pieter Broertjes, mayor of the Dutch city of Hilversum, for instance, thinks they should be allowed to go. "They're adults," he said in a radio interview Thursday. "Dutch went to Israel after World War II to fight the British, and we didn't try to stop them." (The reference is to the Palestinian territories, which was under British rule until 1948.)
Let's get this straight. Muslims who seek to join terrorist groups, killing innocent men, women and children in some of the most gruesome, inhuman acts of violence imaginable, are just like the Jews who escaped Europe after World War II?
What makes Broertjes' statement particularly shocking is that it comes just two months after a remark by another member of his party, the PvdA, or Labor Party, described IS on Twitter as a "Zionist plot."
The issue in the Broertjes interview was the proposal, raised in numerous European countries, to confiscate (or annul) the passports of anyone suspected of planning to travel to Syria – a suggestion Broertjes finds excessive. Earlier this year, a known Dutch Muslim radical, then living in Hilversum, left for Syria with his wife and children, escaping the notice of local officials – including the mayor's office.
Broertjes remark led to an online uproar, with Esther Voet, the director of the country's largest Jewish rights organization, CIDI, offering on Twitter to give him history lessons. In response, someone calling himself TweetBassam snapped, "Pieter was right, #ISIS and zionists are both terrorists, f***you cidi and you cu*t, Esther."
Broertjes has not responded to any of the criticism. Instead, a PvdA spokesperson apologized on his behalf, calling the remark "un-thought-out" and "unfortunate."
He has not offered to resign.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kerry's continued betrayal or stupidity

ZOA Criticizes Kerry's Absurd Statements Blaming Israel for Increased Instability in the Middle East
New York, October 22, 2014 --The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has criticized Secretary of State John Kerry for making repeated, absurd statements blaming Israel for increased terrorism and instability in the Middle East.
In a recent speech at a White House ceremony for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, Secretary Kerry said the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was thought of by various leaders as fueling violence and leading to recruitment by the jihadist organizations. Secretary Kerry did not repudiate these absurd claims, thus lending credence to them. Anyone who believes that the Islamic State (IS) is murdering Christians, Muslims, Kurds, and others and seizing vast tracts of Iraq and Syria because of the lack of peace between Israel and Palestinian Arabs is either an idiot or an anti-Semite.
Secretary Kerry said, "I think that it is more critical than ever that we be fighting for peace [between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs], and I think it is more necessary than ever ... As I went around and met with people in the course of our discussions about the ISIL [Islamic State] coalition, the truth is we -- there wasn't a leader I met with in the region who didn't raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation that they felt." 
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf denied that Secretary Kerry had intended to mean that Israel was causing unrest and destabilization in the region, saying that Secretary Kerry "did not make a link between the growth of ISIL and Israel, period ... That was a wrong reading of his comments" ('US rejects Bennett's criticism of Kerry's remarks on ISIS, peace process,' Jerusalem Post, October 17, 2014).
ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, "We remain puzzled and perturbed that Secretary Kerry makes public assertions about Israel that are damaging to it's image and interests, then purports to deny that he made any such assertions or that his plain words have been misinterpreted.
"In fact, Secretary Kerry has not denied his latest statement. A denial would have involved repudiating the remarks he heard from Arab leaders. When Secretary Kerry repeats the absurd anti-Israel claims made to him by Arab leaders without comment or critique, his non-response to these absurd claims may well be interpreted as an endorsement by Kerry.
"The claim that the absence of an Israeli/Palestinian peace settlement is a force-multiplier or cause of jihadist recruitment in various Middle Eastern conflict is absurd. Considering that all jihadist organizations loudly proclaim their desire to see Israel utterly destroyed, the idea that an Israeli/Palestinian peace would tranquilize the situation is nonsense. Self-evidently, these terrorist organizations would be further enraged.
"In fact, the Arab war on Israel is unrelated and irrelevant to the present violence and conflict in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. If Israel didn't exist, the same problems between and within Arab countries would still exist.
"Historically, too, the war waged by Arabs on Israel has had little to do with the numerous other conflagrations besetting the region. 
  • In the 1950s, it had no bearing on the Algerian war.
  • In the 1960s, it had no bearing on the Egyptian invasion of Yemen, or the bloody emergence of the Ba'athist dictatorship in Iraq, or the Aden (now Yemen) Emergency in which hundreds were killed in violence.
  • In the 1970s, it had nothing to do with the Libyan-Chad war. 
  • In the 1980s, it had nothing to do with the Iran-Iraq war, in which over a million people were killed.
  • In the 1990s, it had nothing to do with Iraq's invasion and annexation of Kuwait -- though Saddam Hussein absurdly linked them.
"Secretary Kerry's latest damaging remarks about Israel which he fails to repudiate fit a pattern. 
"In February, Secretary Kerry said in a speech delivered in Munich that, if Israeli/Palestinian talks fail, boycotting and isolating Israel is both inevitable and understandable, implying Israel will be held responsible and that boycotts are to be expected. He could have said that the U.S. would utterly oppose all such boycotts and reject blaming Israel, but he didn't.
Then, in May, Secretary Kerry said in remarks to the Trilateral Commission that Israel is becoming an apartheid state, a statement that all but justified the Palestinian violence, international boycotts and delegitimization. He could have placed blame for the absence of peace where it belongs -- on a Palestinian partner which refuses to accept Israel as Jewish state. Instead, he chose to essentially defame Israel before the world as a rights-abusing state fit to be a pariah -- then denied he had said or meant any such thing.
"We fear that it is likely that the Obama Administration is making a habit of uttering statements hostile to or blaming Israel -- and thus adding to its international isolation -- then offering denials and partial retractions to shirk any responsibility and domestic political cost for having made them.
"In any event, such a pattern increases pressure and does grave harm to Israel and the U.S./Israeli relationship. It certainly neuters President Obama's oft-made claim that he 'has Israel's back.'"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Israelis do not want Palestinian state

that three-quarters of Israelis oppose Israeli withdrawal to the 1949 armistice lines and the establishment of a Palestinian state. 

The poll, conducted on October 12-14, 2014, by Shivukim-Panorama for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, found that 74% of the Israeli Jewish public continue to oppose this course of action, while similarly opposing Israel's withdrawal from the strategically vital Jordan Valley and the division of Jerusalem. 

In other findings:
  • 76% of Israeli Jews oppose creating a Palestinian state if it means dividing Jerusalem.
  • 75% of Israeli Jews oppose the replacement of the IDF with international forces in the Jordan Valley. 
ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, "It is clear that an overwhelming preponderance of the Israeli Jewish population is opposed to creating a Palestinian state under prevailing conditions. Indeed, as the polls we cite below demonstrate, they have opposed this consistently for many years

"Israelis understand that a Palestinian Authority (PA) that turns down comprehensive offers of statehood in 2000 and again in 2008 without counter-offer, concludes unity regime agreements with the U.S.- and European Union- listed Hamas terrorist organization, repudiates instantly the recent Egyptian proposal for a Palestinian state in Gaza and part of Sinai, is not a regime interested in peace with Israel. Thus the clear majorities of Israelis shown in the polls cited below who express doubt that peace can be concluded with the PA.

"Those individual and groups, for example, like J Street, that claim that Israelis support establishing a Palestinian state, should now publicly concede they have been mistaken. They should also clarify whether they now support or oppose the U.S. seeking to foist a Palestinian state upon Israel. At least we would then know if they abide by the views of Israelis or seek to have them overridden."