Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will J Street apologize as Goldstone did?

Goldstone Wasn't Alone

J Street, New Israel Fund Helped Spread his Calumny Against the Jewish State

There is a famous Chasidic story that compares tale-bearing and slander to a feather pillow that has been torn open and scattered to the wind: once you release the feathers it is impossible to gather them back again.
So with Goldstone's famous report. Despite the fact that Goldstone now confirms that Israel did not target Gaza civilians as a matter of policy, the damage he has done has been scattered to the four corners of the earth and cannot be undone.
Among the repercussions of the Goldstone Report:
Its conclusions have been endorsed by such institutions as the UN General Assembly, the European Parliament, Human Rights Watch and countless respectable journalists and bloggers, thereby entering the collective consciousness.
It made Israeli politicians and army officers fearful of travelling abroad lest they be arrested in connection to war crimes.
It may have led to a rise in anti-Semitic attacks against Jews around the world.
It increased calls for boycotts against the state of Israel.
It led to Israel's increased delegitimization every time it attempted to defend itself: witness the Gaza flotilla incident.
The worst part is that Goldstone was not alone. In fact, money and activists from within the Jewish community, notably J Street and the New Israel Fund, were instrumental in his campaign of slander against the Jewish State.
Will they issue a mea culpa as well?

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