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use your social media to help the pr battle

Up to date:
Palestinian rocket barrage escalates for Egyptian PM's Gaza visit. Israeli ground forces build up As Hamas government officials greeted Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil on his arrival for a short Gaza visit Friday morning, Nov. 16, the Palestinians intensified their rocket barrage against Israel. Israel thereupon resumed its air strikes, which it had agreed to suspend for the visit, provided the Palestinians also held their rocket fire, and struck northern Gaza. Israeli ground forces continue to build up on the Gaza border. After the first Fajr rockets reached Greater Tel Aviv, airlines started canceling service.
IDF drops leaflets and makes phone calls to Gazans to avoid Hamas operational sites  Does Hamas send notes to Israel telling civilians to watch out for the hundreds of missiles?

Hello Rabbi Ginsburg,
Is there anything someone 13,000kms away from Israel can do to help in these troubled times? On the Chabad website I found the Psalms for times of Distress 20, 23, 69 and 150, but I wondered whether you could advise me of anything further, either through religious practice or in a more practical sense that I could do?

Answer: I remember as an 11 year old at Orthodox Day school in late May 1967 listening to Nassar of Egypt say for a week on the radio the Arab world would drive Israel into the sea. I asked if we should pray and the Orthodox rabbi said that would be fine, but especially pray that Israel fought well.

1.Use your social media to defend Israel.  
a. Israel does not want to control Gaza. They unilaterally 100% abandoned Gaza. The only control is Israel tried to keep heavy weapons out of Gaza from terrorists but has failed since they have 12,000 missiles. They officially want Israel destroyed and Jews killed everywhere. 
b. Gaza elected a terrorist group to govern itself and they terrorize the citizens.
3. Gazans live in relative luxury compared to their Arab neighbors.
c. Gazans have sent thousands of missiles aimed at civilians in Israel, and they send them from civilian centers in Gaza, hopng Israel strikes back and hurts civilians
d. Israel just wants to live in peace, protect its citizens and let Gaza and all other Arabs etc live in peace and prosperity. Most of Israel neighbors teach their population to hate Jews and Israel and openly state they want Israel destroyed.
e. Hamas fakes footage of civilian casualties.

2. If there is a war and Israel needs volunteers, we wil publicize how to help.
I feel very badly for innocent Palestinian civilians who are the inevitable victims of this violence. Hamas, of course, knows this will happen and exploits their situation -- magnifies and exaggerates casualties for propaganda purposes. They have already recycled photos from Syria and posted them as if they are a record of Gaza. But nobody should be getting hurt on either side. So stop the missiles!


The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and its allies have once again forced Israel to take action to defend its citizens. Since Saturday night, November 10, 2012, Palestinian combatants in Gaza have fired 120 rockets at Israeli communities, shutting down normal life, as schools and other facilities were closed and one million Israelis were advised to stay home or seek safety in bomb shelters. In response, Israel has mounted Operation "Pillar of Defense," to deliver precise, surgical attacks on terrorist commanders and on the launching sites of Hamas' longer range missiles which can reach into the heart of Israel's cities.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Israel who have struggled this year with the trauma of over 900 Palestinian missile and mortar attacks, as well as our extended StandWithUs family and Israeli Fellows who live in the South and who are being called up to defend their country. We fervently pray for their safety, for the safety of all Israelis, and for the safety of all Palestinian civilians who have been the unwilling victims of extremist leaders. We deplore the Hamas leadership's wanton violence which endangers the citizens of Gaza who are being used as human shields. Above all, we hope for the day when Palestinian leaders lay aside their hatred and arms, and reach out for peace with Israel.

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