Sunday, April 27, 2014

Trust this man?

Trust this man?
1. Abbas PHD dissertation denies Holocaust.
2. This week he makes alliance with terrorist group Hamas in control of Gaza, knowing they sent thousands of missiles at random targets in Israel, who call for death to Israel and Jews everywhere, and whose charter officially calls for Israel's destruction, which forces the end of "peace talks"
3. Honors suicide bombers as martyrs
4. says Jews cannot live in historic Judea and Samaria where Jews have always live
5. says he will never admit Jews have right to Jewish homeland on the land the Bible promises the Jews
6. official maps don't list Israel
7. Allows curriculum in PA schools which is expression of  vicious anti-semitism

now says Holocaust was terrible. Glad this former Holocaust denier changed him mind. Left still blames Netanyahu for talks ending and increasingly supports BDS, to weaken and destroy Israel
Talmud says world sometimes appears upside down

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