Sunday, May 18, 2014

Brief primer on anti israel movement

Yesterday’s Parasha, Bechukotai, warns we will become “faint of heart and the sound of a driven lead will scare us”. That is what is happening to gullible Jews who fall for the anti-Israel movement and become traitors, working for Jewish deaths without realizing it.
The anti-Israel worldwide movement gaining steam us just good old fashioned anti-Semitism and complete immoral hypocrisy. Don’t fall for it. This is why
The claim is Israel abuses Palestinian human rights.
1         It’s the other way around. Palestinians abuse human rights of both Palestinians and Jews: Being gay is punishable by death as is a girl having a boyfriend, Christians are being driven out, converting from Islam is punishable by death, horrible corruption of public funds, women rights severely restricted, missiles sent constantly at random Jewish targets of innocent Israelis, very young children are abused by being brainwashed to hate Jews, suicide bombing is approved of to kill Jews by overwhelming majorities. A Palestinian state would be one of the worst, most regressive, abusive and anti Semtic countries in the world, and a constant peril of millions of Jews, Muslim and Christian citizens of Israel.
2         Palestinians were left in refugee camps by Jordanians in 1948-1967, and have never been absorbed by Arab cousins with 400x the land of Israel in all these years, purposely to be used as a propaganda weapon against Israel. Cynical and immoral. Many in the refugee areas now live in great luxury. Unfortunate measure to protect Jews, like the security fence and checkpoints, are necessary only because without them, innocent Jews were killed daily by Palestinian suicide bombers and murderers.
3         Gaza is controlled by universally recognized terrorist group Hamas which openly advocate killing Jews and destroying Israel, and are rapidly gaining power in Judea and Samaria. Fatah, the supposed moderate group of Palestinians, recently made a pact with terrorist Hamas. Fatah regularly honors murderers of Jews and their leaders openly call for staged destruction of Israel in Arabic to their population.
4         Blaming bad feelings on Israel “settlements” in Judea and Samaria is nonsense. Jordan controlled the area 1948-1967 and the Arabs launched 3 wars in that period vs Israel. It has never been about Jews living in areas jews have always lived. The PLO was founded in 1964, so what did they want to “liberate” if not all of Israel. Abbas abuses Jewish rights by proclaiming Jews will not be allowed to live in a Palestinians state on land Jews have always lived. Jews have an absolute right to live in lands they have lived in, as described in every book of the Bible.
5         Israel is one of the most successful nations in the world despite constant threats from monsters, developing innovations that save many millions of lives worldwide, and one of the freest nations on earth. It is the only nation in the Arab world where Arabs live in a democracy.
6         Palestinians do not want peace. They want Jews gone and dead. There could have been peace in 5 minutes if Palestinians would say Jews have a right to a Jewish state there, and make a commitment to peace. Israel has given much land for peace already to Egypt, and several Israeli Prime Ministers have offered virtually all the area under dispute in exchange for peace, to no avail. The overwhelming majority of Arabs and Islam have no interest in peace of real agreements. Islam allows lying to the infidels to promote the cause, calls for violent Jihad against the infidel, and believes Jews have no right to the land and will never stop trying to end Jewish sovereignty.  They also believe it is perfectly ok to abrogate any agreement of peace made. They view any agreement as simply a ceasefire.

Many of the advocates of Boycott, divest, Sanction Israel are anti-Semites who want to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Others, have been duped by these violent, extreme, anti-Democratic terrorist groups of Palestinians by their lies and pretending to support peace, justice, freedom. The efforts of anyone truly pro PEACE must be to pressure Palestinians to abandon their violent, anti gay, anti women, anti Jew, anti Christian, corrupt, murderous views and work on real lasting peace with Israel. Sadly, it looks like they never will.

Notes and Sources

 Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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