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Below is a sample of recent articles and postings on CAMERA's Web site and Snapshots blog. Don't forget to check both often for the latest.

CAMERA/Luntz Poll: American Jewish Support for Israel is Strong

Some news media accounts have tended to amplify a vocal fringe in the American Jewish community that espouses extreme views and policies far out of the mainstream. This poll clarifies what American Jews actually feel and believe.

AP "Fact Check" Conveys Anti-Israel Spin

The Associated Press quickly responded to Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress by relaying partisan spin to "counter" the Israeli prime minister's assertions. AP's Josef Federman, apparently in no mood to allow an Israeli politician to present Jerusalem's view of the Middle East, penned an unprecedented "Fact Check" article seeking to impugn Netanyahu's speech.


Bibi's Speech to Congress and Media Reaction

Benjamin Netanyahu received a very warm reception in Congress during his forceful, forthright speech, which laid out just what Israel is prepared to do -- make painful concessions -- and not prepared to do -- put itself at risk of annihilation -- to achieve a lasting peace with the Palestinians. The reaction in the press was, not unexpectedly, negative.

NYT's Wishful Thinking Vs. Ha'aretz Poll

As we blogged on Wednesday, The New York Times headline "Israelis see Netanyahu Trip as Diplomatic Failure" was contradicted by a Dialog poll covered in Ha'aretz showing "47 percent of the Israeli public believes the U.S. trip was a success, while only 10 percent viewed it as a failure." New York Times editors are likely wincing as they look at Ha'aretz's front-page today.

Abbas Declares Netanyahu's Congress Speech "Full of Lies and Distortions"

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has taken a page from AP correspondent Josef Federman's book and is declaring Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's well-received speech to Congress to be "full of lies and distortions."


President Obama's Speech and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Fact-Based Analysis

President Obama's speech at the State Department on May 19 outlined his administration's policy in the Middle East and North Africa, making some clean breaks with what had been key elements of US policy in the region for decades.

CAMERA's Safian on Fox and Friends re: Obama's Speech

CAMERA Associate Director Alex Safian was interviewed on Fox and Friends on May 21 to discuss President Obama's speech about the Middle East and North Africa, and what will be the likely impact on the region of apparently major changes in American foreign policy.


Dore Gold Explains '67 Lines

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, the president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and former UN ambassador explains the 1967 lines and Resolution 242.


CNN Article Maps Out '67 Lines Issues

A CNN article by Tim Lister does a commendable job explaining the status of the 1967 armistice line, an issue which is repeatedly misreported in the mainstream media.

Ha'aretz Lost in Translation, VI

Ha'aretz's chronic lost-in-translation affliction rears its head again, albeit in a slightly more complex strain. A news analysis by Aluf Benn in the May 20 English edition states, "Netanyahu will have to reply to Obama by accepting the principle of '1967 borders with agreed land swaps.'" Except that's not what President Obama actually said.

New York Times Conceals Partisanship of "Nonpartisan" Source

A May 23 New York Times article, "Obama Presses Israel to Make 'Hard Choices,'" demonstrates how bias can seeps into what is ostensibly objective news reporting.


Finally, NY Times Clearly Tells Readers Who Refuses Negotiations

In a rare moment of precision and clarity, The New York Times finally reminded readers of the immediate reason for a lack of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.
USA Today Hits Rare Media Bull's-Eye
USA Today's detailed feature article, “Israelis ambivalent about Arab world's uprising; Some see opportunity for peace, prosperity; others fear onset of aggression” does what much coverage of Arab-Israeli developments does not: It treats Israelis as human beings with newsworthy concerns. In doing so, it also sheds light on what too many reports have misleadingly termed “Arab democracy movements.”

LA Times Letter: Jewish Newspaper for Christian Sharia

A letter published in the Los Angeles Times argued that “It is strange that the conservative forces behind the drive to make us fear Sharia are the same ones that are trying to impose their Christian version here.”

LA Times Corrects Letter

The Los Angeles Times corrected the May 20 letter-to-the-editor which falsely stated a conservative Israeli newspaper removed Hillary Clinton from an official White House photograph. The paper was American.

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