Sunday, May 15, 2011

protests of nakba day by Richard Baehr

. Nicholas Kristof is appalled that Israel is firing at protestors on three borders today. The story is not true of course, but why wait for hard news, when Arab propagandists have the story Kristof wants . Kristof is the man who triumphantly proclaimed that "we are all Egyptians now" (just as CBS reporter Lara Logan was being repeatedly raped and beaten by "pro-democracy" demonstrators). Another headline today reads that "violence erupts" in israel. I do not know who "violence is", and why he is erupting today, but we do know that Arab truck-drivers tried to run over Jews in Tel Aviv. And we know that President Assad of Syria, anxious to distract from his slaughter of over 1,000 of his own people, opened the border on the Golan with Israel, allowing hundreds of Syrians to cross, practically guaranteeing that there would be casualties. In Lebanon, it appears that the Lebanese army shot and killed Palestinians trying to cross into Israel. All of this is on Nakba Day, the day the Arab world mourns the tragedy of the creation of Israel. These demonstrators are not demanding a two state solution. It is Israel's existence that is being attacked.

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