Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Obama sides with the terrorists vs Israel

Obama's complete betrayal of Israel again
From today's world Jewish Digest
Remember all that bunk about Barack Obama being the most pro-Israel president ever, the chief executive who was going to save Israel from itself, the one who always had Israel's "back"?

That same president has sided with unrepentant terrorists who wish to destroy the Jewish state. Indeed, Hamas is proud of its mission, which it broadcasts daily on Palestinian television.

In a turn of events that surprised Obama critics, the president has said he will work with a new Fatah-Hamas alliance whose only purpose is to destroy any chance of peace and work toward the destruction of the Jewish state. The State Department claimed that Mahmoud Abbas had formed a government of "technocrats" with whom the United States could work.

Yes, a government of technocrat puppets whose strings are pulled by terrorists.

Israeli officials were swift to the condemn the move, which they rightly characterized as a betrayal of the longstanding U.S. -Israel relationship.

Reacting to the news last night, Israel's ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, said:

“Israel is deeply disappointed with the State Department’s comments today on the Palestinian unity government with Hamas, a terrorist organization responsible for the murder of many hundreds of Israelis, which has fired thousands of rockets at Israeli cities, and which remains committed to Israel’s destruction,” Dermer wrote in a Facebook post. “This Palestinian unity government is a government of technocrats backed by terrorists, and should be treated as such,” he said. “With suits in the front office and terrorists in the back office, it should not be business as usual.”

Another Israeli official added:

“Cooperation with Hamas, designated in the US as a terror group that murders women and children, is unfathomable,” he added.

"Unfathomable" because no one could have imagined that Obama would sink this low, that he would betray the Jewish State to such a degree. But such is his hatred for Israel (and in particular Binyamin Netanyahu) that he will go so far as to contribute to the cause of terrorists whose only purpose is to "liberate Palestine" and murder the Jews.

Any Jew who supports such a president should be ashamed.

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