Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Jewish Festival

Beverly and I staffed the Protect our Heritage table at the Chicago Jewish Festival, held every other year. I wanted to share a few observations and experiences. 1. Organizations can get table space. Liberals dole out spaces evidently, because when you first walk in you see my Congressman's table,(Illinois 10 Schneider)  (big liberal whom i hope loses in November) to my last congressman (Dold) whose table was tucked way in back by us, and by the table of the Republican Jewish coalition and the Republican governor candidate in illinois. (By the way Illinois is one of worst run states in USA, and 50% of citizens want to leave. thanks you Democrats). 2. There were also extreme left wing Israel related groups, at least had more prominent placement than us. I went over to investigate and heard total lies and nonsense from the anti israel Jewish antisemites staffing that table, about "Israel's supposed brutal occupation, apartheid etc.) I am a former national debate champion but arguing with insane lunatics whose minds are made up, is pointless. 3. Went back to our table and most people came by were fine. We had a picture poster of politicians the POH PAC donated money to, some Dems and some Republicans. It was pretty funny that some people came by and said "I'd never donate because you gave to that facist, and another said "Id never donate because you gave to that left wing radical." 4. POH is a ONE issue PAC. "Are you for Israel or not". one lady cam e by and started arguing with Beverly about how wrong it is to be a one issue group. Turns out she said she'd never vote for someone who wanted to limit a women's right to kill fetuses, no matter what else. 5. The best fun i had was arguing with an old liberal who told me the only reason i opposed Obama was the color of his skin. i told he was the racist for saying that and there are dozens of black politicians  I know 'd prefer over any Democrat, and Obama especially any day. He  also told me that Jews had to be liberals. I told him that many liberal Jews have as their religion liberalism, not Judaism. Jews who actually know something about Judaism and live Jewishly, tend to be way more politically conservative. From Pew study a few months ago. "Politically, Orthodox Jews are far more conservative than other Jews. For example, 57% of Orthodox Jews describe themselves as Republicans or say they lean toward the Republican Party, while 36% are Democrats or lean Democratic. Among Jews as a whole, the balance tilts strongly in the other direction: 70% of Jews overall are Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, while just 22% are Republican or lean Republican."
6. One guy tried arguing the taliban terrorists released were likely not terrorists at all, another guy told me "how dare you impugn the integrity of a US soldier (Bergdahl). when we got on that subject. He backed off when i asked how dare he impugn the integrity of the soidiers and commanding officer of Bergdahl who are increasingly proving the guy at best was a deserter and probably a traitor.   There were several other pro israel groups represented, as well as much music, many other organizations, lots of kosher food, etc. 7. Not sure how much good we did for Israel today but,,as rabbi Tarfon taught 2000 years ago, it is not up to us to complete the task, but neither are we free to desist from it."

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