Sunday, July 20, 2014

At least we can be crystal clear about the real enemies

At least we can be crystal clear about the real enemies of justice, peace, goodness, truth as shown this battle, Iraq, Syria etc.
Hamas sponsored by the evil Iran, Hezbollah sponsored by Iran, ISIS/ISIL,
Turkey today under present leadership, ("Israel is as bad as Hitler") UN (stores missiles and then gives them back to Hamas, Moslem brotherhood, Alquida,
who is aiding and abetting enemies of truth and justice : New York times, Jon Stewart and so many others who fail to emphasize 1. Hamas has sent thousands of missiles indiscriminately at Jews designed to kill civilians WARCRIMES 2. No country on earthy could accept that 3. No country has ever done more to protect against civilian causalities than Israel 4. No war effort has ever tried more to get its own citizens killed by the other side by sing human shields than Hamas WARCRIMES 5. Hams calls for genocide vs Jews and israel WARCRIMES 6. Hamas stores its missiles in mabulances, schools, mosques WARCRIME 7. Hamas is stooge for Iran
8. Palestinian authority curriculum teaches murderous hatred of Jews to 5 year olds CHILDABUSE. Instead these groups and individuals blame the victim, Israel

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