Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Only Israel really helps them

Israel is the only country that actually cares about Palestinians. Despite Hamas Palestinians calling for destruction of Israel; and death to Jews in their charter, the Palestinian authority curriculum of schools and summer camps teaching Jew hatred,  honoring murderers of Jews, Hamas, their clergy preaching Jews are subhuman, Israel continues to be the central nation HELPING Palestinians:

Between 1948 and 1967, The Palestinians lived in refugee camps under Egyptian )(GAZA) and Jordanian (West Bank) rule. Either country could have easily established a Palestinian state then, or absorbed the Palestinians, as has been done for refugees throughout all time, but they did not.
Israel voted for partition in 1947, to create a Palestinian state, they Arabs voted against it and declared war on Israel.
No Arabs live more free anywhere in the world than Israeli Arabs, and Palestinian would enjoy the same freedom if governed by Israel instead of their tyrannical rulers
Israeli hospitals save Palestinian lives; 30% Hadassah patients are Palestinians
Israel provides tons and tons of food and materials to Gaza and West Bank
Israel has been working with the PA to help develop a viable, even vibrant economy for the Palestinians that provides jobs and support the infrastructure for viability.
Despite the constant barrage of rocket attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip, Israel provides most of the electric supply for both the West Bank and Gaza. Israel, provides tons of aid and support to the Palestinians.
In order to reduce the level of Palestinian unemployment, Israel has increased the number of permits for Palestinians to work in Israel - by 40% since February 2011.
Since the signing of the 1993 Oslo accord, real GDP per capita in the West Bank has increased considerably. From 1998-2011, these numbers grew from about $1,750 to about $2,000 according to the June 2012 U.S. congressional report U.S. Foreign Aid to the Palestinians. The report also notes that Gaza experienced a considerable rise in real GDP per capita from 2002-2005 before the Hamas takeover.
Israeli Arabs know how good it is in Israel. They do not want to live in a Palestinian state
The plight of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and other Arab countries has received little attention in the mainstream media in the West. Arab governments have done nothing to help Palestinians. Why? If they don't have their little brother Palestine as the victim of big scary Israel, they have nothing to rally their people with.
Although many international aid organizations have been working to assist the Palestinians in the Arab world, Western journalists often turn a blind eye to the misery of these refugees. Pan-Arabism is a figment of the imagination with respect to the Palestinians. The plight of the Palestinians is used by the Arab regimes only when it can promote their political ends.  These regimes champion the Palestinian cause mostly as a way to attack Israel. This serves to draw away attention from the misery of their people, and conversely, hide the success of the tiny Jewish state.  The Arab regimes refuse to criticize one another or admit to their ill treatment of the Palestinians, and their hypocrisy is revealed in the deafening silence when the plight of the Palestinians no longer suits their needs. The Arab antagonism towards integrating Palestinian refugees into their societies has led to the denial of basic Palestinian rights to work and live, and in some cases has culminated in the outright violent expulsion of Palestinian families.
At least 300,000 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon in what Human Rights Watch calls "appalling social and economic conditions." They're blocked from working in a variety of professions, and the Lebanese government has largely resisted granting them broader property rights.
IRAQ: Baghdad was once home to 30,000 Palestinians, but more than half have fled since the U.S.-led invasion there. In 2010, UNHCR finally closed a refugee camp on the Iraq-Syria border where hundreds of Palestinians had been stranded for years. Earlier this year, Palestinian refugees appealed to Abbas, the Palestinian Authority president, saying that they had been denied medical care and had to use fake ID cards to receive treatment.

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