Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hillary facilitated the tunnels/ Obama aids jihad

Joshua 5:3 are you with us or against us us?
Hillary facilitated the tunnels/ Obama aids jihad. I know you don't think this is possible but it is happening.
2 questions: 1. how did all these tunnels become possible? 2. Is Obama helping or hurting the jihadists.
This all from Steve Emerson worldwide terroism expert.
1. Tunnels "Hamas buildup of rockets and their tunnels that started in December, 2012, when Hillary Clinton first negotiated the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that forced Israel to lift the blockade and allow Hamas to get concrete and steel, which they used to build tunnels and they used to create rocket launching facilities underground. That resulted in the most recent war, which has caused basically the strategic survival of Israel to be -- for the first time to be at risk"
2. Obama is helping the jihadists " we have an administration that's in bed with these radical Islamic groups who pretend to be moderate or civil rights groups that have basically curtailed the ability of the FBI, ICE agents, to monitor, do investigations, or even prosecutors. Prosecutors now have to petition the Department of Justice to use the word "jihad" in indictments. This shows you the extent to which this administration has neutered the whole campaign to stop jihadism and basically interfere, Monica, with the ability of FBI agents to do their job...,the FBI, city and state law enforcement and now the border patrol with essentially an open border with god knows what kind of terrorists and Islamists are coming over the southern border, how they have really been hamstrung by regulations and political correctness restricting their ability to monitor the Islamic communities and the border...this administration has essentially embraced and legitimized the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the godfather and parent of all Sunni terrorist groups, including Hamas, including Islamic Jihad, and Al Qaeda. And for the administration to make a distinction between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is simply murderous. And that's what they've done. They've lifted all restrictions on Muslim Brotherhood visits to the United States. the tunnels"

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