Friday, December 12, 2014

acid today

Today, Palestinian attacks family of 5, including young children, with acid.Mother, father, three girls aged 8 to 10, lightly wounded after liquid hurled through car window; attacker identified as 45-year-old Nahalin resident who served time in Israeli jail. 
New poll 80% of Palestinians support terror. They are EVIL. Free Free Palestine means you support EVIL. The ISLAMIC PRO TERRORISM LOBBY works every day at trying to plot to kill Jews and wipe out Israel. If you sit on the sidelines and do nothing, you passively aid and abet them. The Talmud says "you are not responsible to complete the task but NEITHER are you free to desist from kit. the Torah orders "do not sit by idly while the blood of your neighbor is spilled." This ISLAMIC PRO TERRORISM LOBBY is very effective. it has infiltrated our universities, students and faculty, our liberal churches, European society, much of the media, and even increasingly among evangelicals, even stupid liberal Jews, and worst of all, our Presidency., Jimmy Carter, the Clintons, Harvard, Georgetown, and many others have received MILLIONS in Islamic oil money. Joshua, in the Bible, encountered a being with a drawn sword as he was about to go into battle for Israel. He asked the being "are you with us or against us?"
There are only 2 choices. With us or with evil?

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