Friday, January 9, 2015

what is wrong with the left?

I thought liberals stood for free speech, women's rights, gay rights, non violence, against pedeophilia and rape, etc.
Muslim dominated nations are the worst violators of all of this by far, in the world.
Israel in the ONLY place in the entire Middle East where Arab's have  freedoms and protect women and gays by LAW.
800,000,000 Muslims world wide, according to PEW research polls state that Muslims want worldwide shariah law imposed, which kills gays, encourages "honor killings of women, totally restrict women's rights, advocate violence against those who exercise free speech, and are responsible for 99% of world terror. This is inherent in Islam at its origin (Mohammed, Quran and shariah) and true today. The ISLAMIC State, (Isis) which Obama, Biden, Howard Dean etc state zero ties to Islam) and many other Iman's openly justify rape, beheadings etc.
So many liberals turn a blind eye to this and pretend Islam has no relationship to this and want to boycott, not Saudi Arbia, not Qatar, not Islamic terror groups, but israel. Is it stupidity? Denial? Complicity?
Liberalism seems to have no moral bearings anymore.

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