Tuesday, June 25, 2013

IRS targets Israel

Obama appoints anti Israel Chuck Hagel as sec defense, anti Israel  Samantha Powers as UN ambassador, meets with IRS union chief day before all this began, had IRS director and chief of staff visit White house 300x while during Bush they visited once. Anyone see anything wrong here?

IRS Look at Progressive Groups  Complicates Controversy

The Internal Revenue Service used  evidence of advocacy on Israel to flag groups’ tax-exempt applications for extra attention,
The BOLO also has terms related to Israel, looking for applications that “deal with disputed territories in the Middle East” and “may be inflammatory.”...
Z Street, which describes itself as a Zionist education organization, sued the IRS in federal court over its treatment, which it called discriminatory.
“It’s great that they’re finally acknowledging what we’ve known all along,” co-founder Lori Lowenthal Marcus said in a telephone interview.

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