Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Israel and phones

First an old joke. In 1948 AT&T offered Israel to set up phone system.  Socialist Hisdatrut and labor who ran the country did not like capitalistic company coming in and said no thanks we can do it ourselves. So of course no one could get a phone in Israel, it took a year. One business man Shlomo went into complain and said he desperately needed one. Avner the bureaucrat  said no way. Shlomo said you mean I have no hope? Avner replied "shame on you. of course you have hope. our national anthem hatikvah means hope. We were given no chance and we are here. there is always hope. You have no CHANCE, but hope, always.

Then capitalism took Israel over. Now.
Waze Sale to Google One of Israel's Largest
Jewish state confirms its 'start-up nation' status with $1.03 billion deal

In 2012, the market penetration of smartphones in Israel stood at 35 percent, while so far in 2013 it has already gone up to 57%, a significant 22% rise. In Germany, only 40% of the population have smartphones and in France 42%, while Spain is closer to Israel at 55%.

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