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Saudi money buying our politicians and universities

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Arab money in the US and a vibrant 5th column - By: Craig Read
Back in the 1930s various socialist and Marxist groups decided that orthodox-Western civilization could only be destroyed from within. Gramsci, the Frankfurt school, Derrida and the post-modernists along with others observed that a flanking movement which took over the media, the political elite and the university system, was the only feasible plan to achieve Marxist domination of the Western nation state.

We can see the results of their insight today. A vibrant 5th column of socialistic thought and Marxian analysis dominates the above mentioned sectors of our political-economy. Now we see the same attack from Arabs and Islamic radicals. It is extremely advanced in Europe – but its most vital victim is fast becoming the USA.

Saudi money is fueling the rise of Islam within the US. They are doing so in 3 ways. First, they subvert the US political process by buying off politicians. Second, they pervert US universities by taking over 'Middle Eastern' studies and programs. Third, they convert most of the US media, a generally apathetic population and social commentators with virulent propaganda emanating from 'think-tanks'; webzines and Islamic groups posing as 'moderates'.

Saudi Arabia has sent about $70 billion in the past 10-15 years promoting extreme Islam around the world. Madrassas across Asia, Africa and beyond receive Saudi money to promulgate a 7th century intolerant paganism. Billions of Saudi dollars now dominate US politics and campuses. Saudi Arabia is home to most of the 19 September 11th terrorists, yet the US has not done anything to force the Saudi regime to stop its funding of terror; its exportation of radical Wahhabiism nor to disengage itself from contaminating US politics.

It is an open secret that Arab money greases the wheels of Washington politics. How many US politicians are in the pockets of the Arabs? Hard to say, the media, the supposed 'watchdog' of politicians has never roused itself to investigate the trail of Arab money in Washington. But some things are certain. Carter, Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and others have received millions of dollars in Arab money for speeches, campaigns, libraries and support of family business.

Al Gore and Bill Clinton raise millions in capital from Dubai speaking engagements to fund political campaigns, political advocacy groups, and environmental initiatives. Clinton, Carter aides, former Bush(I) appointees and other former top political and bureaucrat operatives receive million dollar consultancy contracts from Arab firms to lobby for contracts in the US and Europe. Bush II and Clinton libraries were built of course with Saudi money.

Even Jimmy Carter's peanut farm was saved from bankruptcy by Arab money: 'There is no evidence that the former president received direct payment from the Saudis. But according to... the bank files, [the Arabs] renegotiated the repayment terms...[giving a] savings of $60,000 for the Carter family... The President owned 62% of the business and therefore was the largest beneficiary.'

Apparently Carter ran his peanut farm like his presidency – very badly. So it is no surprise to hear Carter vent anti-semitic racism in badly written books, and rant on about the Jews. The Arabs saved him from a pre-Presidency bankruptcy – something that would not look good on the resume while you are running for the highest office in the country. Of course the leading Arab financier in saving the peanut farm was a Saudi named 'Pharaon' who later, rather unsurprisingly, contributed generously to Carter's library and center. Plus ca change….

Then we have the hundreds of billions in Saudi money washing around US business. As a former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia stated; 'There is perhaps $800 billion in private Gulf-Arab money outside the Gulf, the vast majority of it in the United States, $600 billion or so from Saudi Arabia alone…. The possibility of a financial panic and the sudden withdrawal of large amounts of money is something to be considered.'

Much of this money is invested in US holdings, corporations and entities with strong political ties ranging from Jeb Bush's internet software company to large resource based firms with huge lobby power in Washington. There is no accurate list of how many US politicians are tied to Arab money. Instead of crying about climate change maybe some in the media might want to take this on as a more worthy and immediately necessary project. We need to know how many members of the US congress and Senate have ties through business, family or political donations to Saudi money. My guess based on anecdotal evidence, would be that probably 50% of US politicians are in some way linked to Arab money.

Just as pernicious as buying off political votes, hundreds of millions of dollars annually goes to funding radical mosques. In these Islamic centers the contemplation of the divine is ignored and a political program of Muslim domination inserted. There is nothing spiritual or religious about US mosques. Mosques preach a radical hatred of the US, of Jews Christians and non-Muslims while advocating the dismemberment of the US Constitution and the establishment of a US caliphate. Literally thousands of speeches and articles emanating from US mosques and their leaders support the above observation.

The Saudis are also funding a propaganda war – and are winning it. Islamic and Arab 'rights' organizations are built and sustained with Saudi money. These groups rewrite history and current events to demonize Israel, the US, and the Western world. They portray Muslims and Arabs as victims and usually engage in conspiracy theories; Jew-baiting; and anti-capitalist rhetoric. CAIR [Center for Arab-Islamic relations]; Black-Islamic fronts; Islamic Student Unions and literally thousands of radical US based mosques survive off of Saudi largesse. Like radical mosques these groups demand a US caliphate. The media is very sympathetic to their message.

And don't forget about the Blacks. Quite chillingly the largest group of converts to Islam in the Western world are US blacks. You think the race wars are over? Think again – when a large minority of Blacks become Muslim and belong to Muslim groups demanding the eradication of whites then social discord and civil strife will follow. Think that is extreme? Read the website of the Black Panthers or other Black-Muslim groups and decide yourself.

Lastly we have the Saudi and radical Muslim takeover of 'Middle Eastern' studies at campuses throughout the US. It is well known that Berkeley, Georgetown, Columbia, Baylor, Brown and literally hundreds of other US campuses have had any curriculum concerning the Middle East taken over by radical Saudi and Muslim money and propaganda. This subversion and perversion of young, innocent minds means that the Americans are training a huge cadre of largely anti-American; anti-Semitic pro-Muslim sympathizers. The consequences – both political and economic – of such a shift in philosophical orientation amongst the young will be grave.

Much as the philosophical zeitgeist of 'strong-man' rule, 'Zarathrustra', and the hatred of liberal-democratic 'decadence' gave rise to theories supporting Hitlerism; Russian Communism and social-darwinism, so today do we witness the brainwashing of young minds to justify Arab persecution of Jews; Muslim atrocity and terrorism; and Islamic jihad. By controlling the minds of American young, Saudi money will allow radical Islam to convince apathetic and inattentive Americans that Islam is peaceful; religious and can co-exist with other cultures. No evidence in history exists to support any of these claims.

Saudi money has compromised a US government program called 'Title IV' which was created in the 1950s to increase the number of Arabic speaking experts in the CIA and FBI. It has been an abysmal failure. Only about a few dozen Arabic language experts are employed in US agencies – below the level in 1955. About $100 million annually goes into this program – with no oversight. This is very odd. The Fulbright program [where Americans go abroad to learn about other cultures] is fully staffed by a permanent board. But not Title IV. The Saudi's have hi-jacked this program with their own direct funding of 'Middle Eastern Studies Programs' ensuring that sympathetic academc coverage is given to Arab and Islam curricula and that US campuses become radical hotbeds of anti-semiticism and anti-Americanism.

It is working.

As one analyst who tracks Saudi money inside US universities commented; 'The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Conference at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency, which I attended…was anything but such a scholarly exchange. …..I looked over the information tables. One table offered what can only be described as anti-Israel, anti-U.S. propaganda in the guise of scholarly and professional research society materials.'

When pro-Israeli, and pro-American speakers give lectures at leading US universities the campuses are inflamed against them. These speakers are physically assaulted, verbally lambasted and threatened, and usually forced off stage. Saudi money had radicalized an entire generation of Americans against the basic tents of civilization and against such ideals as freedom of speech and dignity of assembly. It is a sickening sight.

Saudi money is too powerful in America. It greases politics, business, and deforms University curricula and general culture. One of the great challenges facing the US is to defang the Saudi threat and stop the importation of Saudi money and its negative effect on US domestic education and politics. But with so many politicians in the pockets of the Arabs this will never be done.

I would suggest that the media exposing the connection between Saudi money and a vibrant 5th column inside the US, is a more worthy topic than sham environmentalism and crying about climate patterns in the year 2100. If you don't defend your civilization the weather in 2100 won't matter – because your civilization won't be here.

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