Thursday, June 27, 2013

McDonald's anti Semitism

Anti Semite award of the day goes to McDonald's corp.
No supporter of Israel should ever eat at Mcdonalds' again. 1. Its treif 
2. they are anti Jews living where Jews have always lived, in Judea and Samaria. Whether they call it that or not, it's clearly an anti-Semitic action. Ariel is an amazing city, and will always be in Israel proper. Shame on McDonalds. 

"McDonald’s, ‘bringing politics into business,’ boycotts Ariel
JNS.ORG McDonald’s Israel said it will not open a branch in the city of Ariel, citing its location beyond the Green Line as the reason."

Commentary Mag:

"Contrary to conventional wisdom, the obstacle to peace in the Middle East isn’t Netanyahu or Israeli settlements. It’s the hate and intransigence that drives the Palestinian political culture that makes it impossible for Abbas to ever sign a deal. Though I don’t expect most in the foreign policy establishment to acknowledge this fact, what will happen in the next couple of months is likely to reaffirm this basic fact."

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